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Lalaria Beach

If sand lovers and haters come together, Lalaria Beach  is the ideal solution.

The stunning Lalaria beach is made up of unique small white pebbles-comfortable to lie under the hot sun of Skiathos. The amazing feeling you have laying on the beach without the wind to blow or stick sand to your face. It is also far more than just a reasonable compromise.
People may call this remote beach paradise.
It is accessible only by boat, and Lalaria beach web site will help you find the best solutions and captains for the perfect day in Lalaria

Lalaria beach is one of the most magnificent beaches on earth

Getting there is part of the adventure: It can only be accessed by boat!
Snorkel on your own around a small boat, or book a trip with us to check out Lalaria secret underwater spots.
The boat trip to Lalaria is one of the most popular trips in Skiathos. Every day you have big touristic boats starting about 10:00 am from Skiathos old harbor.
If you like to explore Lalaria by your selves, then you can rent one of our boats, or book a private trip with Stefanos.
There are so many options you can visit Lalaria beach and Blue Cave, but we believe the best choice is if you book your own boat or, Book a trip with our Speed boats .
The reason is that we will take you there the perfect time and day so you can see and take a photo in Blue cave and swim quietly on Lalaria beachL

Magnificent Lalaria

Book a speed boat with a driver and explore Lalaria beach

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Magnificent Lalaria

Book your trip to Lalaria with a Sailing Boat

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Magnificent Lalaria

Book a speed boat with a driver and explore Lalaria beach

Rent a boat in Skiathos. You can rent a boat if you have , or if you don’t have a boat driving licence.

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