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To Lalaria with a Traditional Boat-Kaiki
Daily trips from Skiathos Town

Traditional Boats and Kaiki for trips around Skiathos and Lalaria beach.

Lets first find out what is Kaiki

A caique (Greek: καΐκι, kaiki, ) is a traditional fishing boat usually found among the waters of the Ionian or Aegean Sea, and also a light skiff used on the Bosporus. It is traditionally a small wooden trading vessel, brightly painted and rigged for sail. The caique is also a typical case of positioning the widest beam far aft, with a long sharp bow.
Traditionally the caique was used for fishing and trawling. Of late they have become a short excursion vessel, and former fishermen make money from the summer tourist trade on the busy islands, (more info in this link)
So now you know what is Kaiki and if you like to book one for your trip to Lalaria, you can find them to the old port of Skiathos. Prices vary from its lengths, destinations, and what the trip offers.

There is a lot of competition with different cheerful captains , and fancy big or small boats. We recommend you take a walk in the day before , have an afternoon coffee and observe them all on how they try to contact the people passing by.
It is fun, and you enjoy that. After your coffee, choose your boat and buy the ticket for the next day.
Normally all boats start their excursion any time between 9:00-11:00. You will find all the details when you book your boat.

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